Embedded Software Developer


Navitas Vehicle Systems Ltd. is a Leading Technology Company located in Waterloo, Ontario. Navitas is Known as a World Leader in Electric Vehicle Control Systems for the Low Speed Electric Vehicle (Golf Car) Market and Industrial Vehicle Marketplace. Our newest product additions launched include DC and AC Vehicle LSV Controllers with Bluetooth.


Our engineering team and work environment is first class and looking for more talented people.

In support of our New Products Launched and Leverage of Our Technologies, several new Engineering Positions are Identified to keep us well ahead of the competition.

Embedded Software Developer to expand the functionality and integration of our existing vehicle and motor controls libraries with new peripherals.

  • Real time interrupt and multiplex driven synchronous and asynchronous methods to interface to general electronics and motor control software

  • Fixed and floating point computational understanding for signal processing, polynomial and trigonometric solutions

  • Implications of C, C++ and assembly coding when balancing memory and speed of low cost processors

  • General hardware knowledge of DSP and ARM based processor board design for small signal instrumentation and high voltage I/O

  • Experience with communication protocols: CAN,  UART and BLE interfaces

If you are interested in this full-time position, please contact us at