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We manufacture a range of DC motor controllers for lower power personnel carriers to higher power burden carriers that require up to 1000A at 48V DC. 


We offer some of the following features:

  • Power-up diagnostics and safe sequencing to prevent unsafe controller operation (e.g. the key is turned on while the throttle is applied) 

  • Factory-sealed, factory-serviceable anodized aluminum housing to ensure environmental protection

  • Over-temperature protection to prevent damage under virtually any thermal conditions

  • Static return to off (i.e. SRO or "dead-man switch" ) that prevents controller operation if the key switch is turned on while in forward or reverse mode, or the operator is not in a safe position on the vehicle

  • Adjustable plugging to allow smooth start, stop, and speed reduction function, and to improve overall performance 

  • Battery discharge interlock (BDI) to protect battery with slow run speed

  • Maximum current limit that can be turned down from factory preset for additional control over the current

  • Many models are direct drop-in replacements for 1204/1205 footprint motor 



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