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NPS600 Data Sheet



• Low resistance
• High Current Capacity at 600
amps peak
• Fully programmable with the
Navitas PC Probit programming
• User configurable CAN
• High power density & rugged
• Regenerative braking
• Safe Sequencing
• BDI Indicator


Battery Voltage

- 24 to 48 Volt DC Input


Navitas Vehicle Systems has developed the NPS600, which is the
most superior product on the market. The NPS600 is a 12-48VDC
Multi-Function, 2 phase Variable power supply and buck / boost
This product compliments brushless motor/generator.
The NPS600 is a dual phase, half H bridge (2 quadrant) device
that can serve many needs. The unit can work as an independent
power supply (APU), Buck / Boost voltage regulator or motor
controller designed for use with permanent magnet or ideally the
SolidSlot brushless DC motors. It has a drive capacity of up to
600A Peak and 400A continuous current with appropriate heat
The NPS600 is designed for low voltage, high current
applications, such as electric and hybrid vehicles, mobile power
generation and integrated starter/alternators.



NPS DCtoDC Power Supply

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