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Study Tips for All Students

Study Tip 1: Study Collaboratively.

Doing studying with a friend can be a great way to learn, ask your friend to study with you in a quiet, distraction free location. One of the methods you must try during this revision session is teaching each other information. This is another excellent way to revise and is called "The Protégé Effect". According to best homework help websites this will prove you understand the concept and will help to retain the information in your head.

Study Tip 2: Don't make artworks of your study notes.

Study notes are important but spending a long time making your notes colourful artworks that could otherwise be used for productivity revising is a waste of valuable study time. There's nothing wrong with making them look neat, but don't over-do it.

Study Tip 3: Experiment With Different Study Methods

It is a good idea to experiment with different study methods (flashcards, quizes, powerpoints, videos) to see how you learn best. No one is the same and we each learn differently. However, according to study daddy make sure you do this well before the exam so you can use the method that works best for you and hopefully study more efficiently.

Study Tip 4: Don't listen to lyrical music.

It's always tempting to listen to music whilst studying, however studies have shown that listening to lyrical music whilst studying can hinder memory retention, however some studies have suggested that classical, non-lyrical music can help with concentration.

Study Tip 5: Use Apps

With the constantly vast rise of mobile technologies over the last few years, using study applications such as Khan Academy, Brain Trainer, Flashcards and even memory apps will help you to study and give you an advantage as some applications give you flashcard generators and exam style questions. Another advantage is that the app will be on your phone so if you're waiting in line, on the train or on the bus, then you can quickly whip out the app and have a brief read, which will help your brain absorb the knowledge if this is repeated.

Study Tip 6: Get Lots of Zzzzz's

Getting lots of sleep is important as it will lead to better health, better mood, optimal thinking and better memory. According to precalculus help experts make sure to atleast get around 7-8 hours sleep a night and don't use mobiles, computers etc at least 30 mins before bed as they can help to keep you awake.

Study Tip 7: Past Papers

Past papers are a great study resource as they prepare you for topics that may come up in the exam, and help you structure your answers better as they are in exam-style format. You can find past papers online by doing a quick search of your specification, exam board and subject. Most past papers are distributed by the exam composers as free so don't be fooled by the websites that are distributing them for money!

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